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HorizonFlans was found by TheFingames in the last days of 2015. It started few Months later with 1 Server, The Main Factions server Usin MCHELI and Flan's Mod. With goal to make a simple community with good support and players online everyday. In Few months, HorizonFlans Started It's Official Youtube channel and started marketing it.

HorizonFlans was succeed and the player count was raised by 40% / Month. Nowadays, HorizonFlans Has About over 4 000 Players Joined, from wich active are about 1 700. In Year 2016, HorizonFlans activated it's forums and made new infrastructure improvements, This helped their player count to raise again.

There was many suggestions about adding more content packs and or completely new server in 2016. TheFingames Reacted to Suggestions and started a campaign of New TDM server. In first days of 2017, HorizonFlans was now a network, including Working Flan's mod TDM server with 7 Maps ( ) and The Main Factions server ( )

Nowadays there is about 10 - 20 people online at the same time every day. Users on HorizonFlans are mainly German, but as the server is international, HorizonFlans has

Users from America, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, India, Mongolia, Mexico, Finland, Poland, Swizerland etc.

The Latest Modpack is to be found in Horizonflans technic launcher.

Let's Hope HorizonFlans a good future and raising player count!


This is the Banner Of HorizonFlans Netoworks incuding the logo on up-left.


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